NEWW-Network of East-West Women
Gender Policy Conference

In response to the rapidly declining economic status of women in CEE/NIS, in July 2001, NEWW held its first annual Gender Policy Conference in Krakow, Poland. The Conference addressed the impact of international economic policies on women in CEE/NIS. The meeting focused on three substantive areas:

  • The role of international financial institutions;
  • Trade and labor conditions; and
  • The impact of international financial policies on women in CEE/NIS.

The Conference brought together over sixty NEWW members and experts in the CEE/NIS to identify gaps in existing research and advocacy, and to decide on future collaborative initiatives to be undertaken by NEWW to address these issues. Additionally, the Conference helped to develop strategic alliances between policy analysts, researchers, economists and women's rights activists to address issues of economic and social injustice that affect women throughout CEE/NIS.

The final conclusion of the Conference was that there is an urgent need for women's NGOs in CEE/NIS to have greater access and understanding of economic information regarding the pace and processes of market reform and globalization. Several key recommendations from the conference identified ways to translate the need for information into activities. In order to address the lack of information and to support economic and social justice advocacy initiatives, NEWW identified three priority areas:

  1. Promoting the availability and accessibility of need information through the Women's Economic Justice Network (WEJN), and developing strategies for understanding and using this information to promote women's participation in various processes.

  2. Networking with global women's NGOs and movements to raise the visibility and increase the participation of women from CEE/NIS in global development processes.

  3. Research and Education, through the NEWW Economic and Social Policy Fellowship Program

For more information, about the WEJN and to download the NEWW Gender Policy Post-Conference report, please visit

The next Gender Policy Conference will take place in Gdansk, Poland, April 24th-26th. The issues to be discussed are foreign direct investment, gender budgets and European Structural Funds.

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