NEWW-Network of East-West Women
Women's Economic Justice Network

In the last ten years, privatization and market reform, undertaken in the context of increasing globalization, have transformed the economic and social landscape of CEE/NIS. While broad social and political consequences of the transition have been extensively analyzed, little has been done to evaluate economic policies from a gender perspective, despite the fact that sweeping changes at both the national and international level have had a notably different impact on women and men.

The Women's Economic Justice Network (WEJN) is a direct outgrowth of the 2001 NEWW Gender Policy Conference. The objective of the WEJN is to facilitate the participation of women and women's NGOs in economic decision-making processes in CEE/NIS. WEJN is being implemented in partnership with NEWW-Polska to make economic justice resources easily accessible through the Internet in English, Russian and Polish.

The Project currently makes available the following information to strengthen the capacity of women and women's NGOs throughout CEE/NIS to promote economic rights and to influence economic processes on all levels:

  1. Economic literacy (What, for example, is structural adjustment, and how are stabilization packages formulated?)
  2. Economic transactions (How, for example, can women's NGOs monitor economic policies and transactions from a gender perspective?)
  3. Points of policy intervention (How can women's NGOs shape and participate in economic decision-making processes at the local, national, regional and international levels?)
  4. Economic processes (How can women's NGOs implement a gender budget analysis?).
  5. Global institutions (For example, European Investment Bank, World Bank, World Trade Organization).
  6. Calendar of upcoming events

WEJN is available at

[email protected] | 1761 S Street NW, Suite LL-12, Washington, DC 20009 | tel: +1 (202) 299-9001 | fax: +1 (202) 299-9003