NEWW-Network of East-West Women
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Lika Nadaraia, President, "Feminist Club", Tbilisi, Georgia
Since 1991, the NEWW Book and Journal Project has supported the exchange of ideas and knowledge between women's movements in the U.S and Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and Russia (CEE/NIS/Russia). The Project has aided in the establishment of gender studies and women's rights centers and libraries, and has supported original research and publications on women's changing situation throughout CEE/NIS/Russia.

In eleven years, the Book and Journal Project has contributed approximately 6,500 books and journals as well as $150,000 in small grants to feminist scholars and activists and to women's NGOs in CEE/NIS/Russia, contributing to the growth of gender scholarship, women's movements and grassroots women's rights activism.

"Amagdari"-Georgian Association of Facilitating Women's Employment-Georgia
A NEWW Book and Journal grant supported the research and publication of two booklets (in Georgian), "Women's Labor and Employment Problems" and "Women's Labor Rights in Georgia".

Liuda Mazur, Belarusian Association of Women Lawyers-Belarus
A NEWW Book and Journal grant supported the publication of a legal training manual (in Belarusian and in English) on domestic violence, Domestic Violence in Belarus: The Judicial Response. This manual was used to train over 30 women's NGOs in Belarus to increase their legal knowledge.

Gender Studies Center-Czech Republic
The NEWW Book and Journal Project was one of the initial supporters of the Prague Gender Studies Center. With support from NEWW Book and Journal Project, the Gender Studies Center was able to launch the first ever gender library in the Czech Republic. With NEWW's ongoing support, The Gender Studies Center continues to expand its programs and resources into new areas such as economic justice and legal rights in the Czech Republic.

Liana Jaqeli-Georgia
A NEWW Book and Journal grant supported the feminist film, "Communication Skills for Azheri Women in Georgia"

Liliana Hentosh, Lviv University Program on Women in Society-Ukraine
A NEWW Book and Journal grant will support the publication of the anthology Gender Approach: History, Culture, and Society, a reader for students.

Olha Harasymiv, Western Ukrainian Center "Women's Perspectives"-Ukraine
A NEWW Book and Journal grant supported the research, publication and distribution of a "know your rights" legal manual (in Ukrainian), Everyday Rights. This manual was used as part of a legal literacy project to address the needs of women living in the rural regions in Lviv.

Research, analytical thinking, and the exchange of ideas are all urgently needed to promote gender justice throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and Russia (CEE/NIS/Russia).

The Book and Journal Project:

  • Contributes books and journals to CEE/NIS/Russia from the Western publishing explosion on women and gender.
  • Provides cash grants for individuals and libraries to build resources and purchase books in local languages.
  • Assists in curricula development and library building for women's resource centers and gender studies programs.
  • Occasionally funds the production of flyers, posters and newspaper ads to support the advocacy efforts of local NGOs.
The maximum cash grant award is $2500 within one calendar year.

The Book and Journal Project supports organizations and individuals. All grant applicants should forward the required information and submit requests via email to:

NEWW Book and Journal Project
Email: [email protected]

If email is not an option please mail this information to the following address:

NEWW Book and Journal Project
167 Spring Street, #3
New York, NY 10012
Fax (212) 226-8091


  • Organization/Name
  • For organizations, please provide a contact name
    For individuals, please provide any affiliations with institutions/organizations
  • Field of Activity/Area of Expertise
  • Address, City, Country
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email

1. Book requests - all applicants for book requests must provide the following information:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Either a complete list of book requested, or general subject areas (titles to be selected by the B&J Project).

2. Cash grants to buy books

  • Statement of Purpose.
  • List of books purchased and original receipts must be submitted.

3. Cash grants for projects - grant applicants are required to submit a project proposal with the following information:

  • Project description
  • Individual background/organization history, including description of organizational capacity to carry out the project.
  • Project budget
  • Project timeline

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